It is a beautiful thing when your child eagerly follows your side and becomes your steadfast helper. They want to help open the door, sweep the floor, wash the dishes and/or cook food… “Mommy, let me help, let me do it!” Well, okay then!

When your little one is excited to lend a hand it is a great time for them to learn how to help with their hair. Starting early will help your future young’un successfully and independently take care of their hair. Below is a chart of what kids are likely to be able to handle at certain ages when it comes to hair time.

1-3 3-6 7-10 11-14
Hand off tools like:

  • brush
  • comb
Shopping buddy

  • Have them grab and place in cart and tell them it is for hair time

Gather Supplies at Home

  • Familiarize them with the products. Use labels

Hand Off Tools Finisher

  • Give them a small bit of oil or butter to rub in hands and rub in hair. Be sure to rub the excess into their skin
Shopping BuddyGather supplies at HomeHand Off ToolsDetangler/Pre-poo

  • Teach them to detangle by trying out one section. Be sure to watch them and instruct as needed
  • Once they can handle all of it, be sure to put them in an environment for success which means a place where stains won’t happen (or matter)

Beginner Styler

  • Start to teach them how to twist or braid. Have them try your hair.


Shopping BuddyGather supplies at HomeHand Off ToolsDetangler/Pre-pooStyler

  • At this point they should start to be able to do sessions alone

Beginner Wash Day

  • Start letting them handle the full wash day
  • Sit with them while they do it in case you need to step in