The Honeycomb Method™: A Easy, Natural Way to Moisturize & Define Coarse Hair

I know it seems like everyone is creating a method to the ultimate curl but I decided to share my low maintenance regimen that focuses on moisturizing and thusly defining coarse hair. Everyone has a natural curl pattern. Yes, EVERYONE. So one of the results will be tighter curls or coils but more importantly it keeps your hair moisturized and healthy and is low maintenance! This regimen keeps your hair healthy in two ways: 1) Keeps your scalp clean 2) Draws moisture because of the heavy use of honey, a humectant.

Thus the name, The Honeycomb Method™: Puff Puff Poof’s low maintenance, moisturizing, defining and natural method for coarse hair.

*Note: I prefer big hair so this method gives some definition but still allows for volume

Products you’ll need

Quick Overview

Shampoo Cleanse: Every 4 weeks

  1. Prep: finger detangle if needed & use coconut oil
  2. ACV Rinse (twist in 4-6 sections
  3. Cleanse (untwisting sections)
  4. 30 min – Clay Conditioner (apply by section & twist hair)
  5. Warm water rinse & then AVJ Rinse (1 C) (cotton shirt dry)
  6. FSG (apply by section)
  7. Shea Whip (apply by section
  8. Twist and leave overnight
  9. Pull apart each untwisted section gently to maintain coils
  10. Apply glycerin every other day or as needed and then seal with Shea whip

Honey Condition: Every other 2 weeks

  1. ACV Rinse (twist in 4-6 sections)
  2. 30 min – Clay Conditioner (apply by section & twist hair then rinse w/ warm water & cotton shirt dry)
  3. FSG (each section)
  4. Leave-in Conditioner (each section)
  5. Shea Whip (each section
  6. Twist and leave overnight
  7. Pull apart each untwisted section gently to maintain coils
  8. Apply glycerin every other day or as needed and then seal with shea whip

Every Other Day or as needed when it starts to feel dry

  1. Use Glycerin Spritz (on ends if you want to maintain some stretch)
  2. Shea whip areas you have sprayed

Step-by-step for Honey Condition


  1. Finger Detangle on damp hair. If you need slip use coconut oil
  2. Section hair in 4-6 twists

ACV Rinse

  1. Use applicator bootle and apply ACV Rinse to scalp by section
  2. Rub each section pads of fingers thoroughly but gently as not to scratch scalp


  1. Rinse with lukewarm water
  2. Rub through each section gently and re-twist
  3. T-shirt dry till damp instead of dripping wet

Deep Condition

  1. Apply Clay conditioner at the scalp to ends by section. Be sure to liberally apply to ends
  2. Cover with shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes


  1. Rinse out Clay Conditioner with cool water by section
  2. As you rinse gently pull hair a part to create natural clumping
  3. Towel dry to damp hair


  1. By section pull hair a part gently to encourage natural clumping in your curl pattern
  2. Apply quarter size amount of Flax Seed Gel through each section
  3. Apply quarter size amount of  leave-in Conditioner (stay away from scalp) through each section
  4. Apply dime size amount of Shea Whip through each section
  5. Twist in sections

Next Day

  1. Untwist section and gently pull a part (you may not notice a lot of definition but as you continue to do this more will occur)
  2. Your hair should feel soft and moisturized
  3. If it feels stiff you may be using too little conditioner, whip or FSG; experiment to find the right amount

What is the most important thing for you in any regimen you’ll try; moisture, low maintenance, natural products?



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