5 Hair Tools Every Parent Should Have

Every parent should have the following hair tools in their arsenal of hair supplies. These are tried and true classics that will not only make hair time easier but fun!

Spray Bottle

21qcD4Ge+sLA spray  bottle or two make keeping your child’s  hair moisturized so much easier. One bottle could be dedicated to special spritzes and the other just for water. I use mine daily.

Shower Cap


Now this is not to “protect” hair from getting wet quite the contrary. It should be used for deep conditioning. Anytime you apply a deep conditioner (e.g. clay conditioner) you should cover the hair with a shower cap to keep in the moisture. Note: I never use a shower cap when showering; free steam for my hair!

Hair Bands

7_goody-ouchless-hair-elastics-neon-29-countHair bands are not only for styling but also make distributing product through the hair much easier. I like to do hair by halves or quarters. By sectioning with hair bands it ensures that I spread product evenly.

Satin Pillowcase/Scarf


For the really young ones I recommend a satin pillowcase so they can sleep free and unencumbered but around age 10 I would teach them about tying their hair up. I like the one where it is shaped to hold longer hair because it’s comfortable and holds all sorts of styles.

Applicator Bottle


Applicator bottles are great for targeting the scalp. I would use this for Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses (1 TB + 1 C H2O). It’s also great for oil treatments.

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