5 Tips for Coarse, Thick Natural Hair


I have coarse, kinky and thick natural hair.  I read a few comments from other blogs that there aren’t enough people focusing on this type of hair so I thought I might throw my advice out there for anyone seeking information.

1. Keep Moisturized

Find  a great moisturizer and don’t be afraid of puff! Some people will tell you to stay away from humectants when it’s really hot because it can cause hair to swell. To my knowledge that doesn’t cause damage, it just makes hair big. Don’t fear big (#bighairdontcare!) You won’t be able to rock defined styles but it’s well worth it because humectants keep your hair moisturized as it attracts moisture to your hair. Moisturized hair will be 1) Softer 2) Malleable 3) Reveal curls no mater how small. My favorites are below .

  • Glycerin spritz
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Tip: to counter acting the bigness that comes with glycerin spritz when it is humid is to use more Aloe Vera Juice.

2. Seal in Moisture

Coarse hair can dry out easily so seal in moisture with butters and oils; I like to mix the two! Heavier butters have worked great for my coarse hair like Shea butter and I’ve noticed that Cocoa butter products help me detangle. Lastly,  Shea butter also is known to have humectant properties and coconut oil is one of the few oils that can penetrate the hair strands. My favorite

3. Finger Detangle But Don’t Over Do It

Coarse, kinky hair tangles easily so you will drive yourself mad if you try to keep it detangled 24/7. If you keep hair moisturized that will create slip and will help avoid most of the tangles. Finger detangling is recommend because fingers can feel knots and snags way better than any comb. You can also identify what needs to be cut because trying to pull out the tangle would just cause more damage (I’m super guilty of pulling and I’ve seen the damage. My recommendations for detangling are:

  1. Dampen the hair before detangling (Glycerin Spritz)
  2. Use either conditioner or product with good slip; Shea Whip
  3. Cut when needed

4. Don’t Over Wash Hair BUT Keep Scalp Clean

A clean scalp is critical for health and for growing hair. There’s many times when the scalp needs to be washed but the hair seems fine. I’d recommend simply:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar rinsing the scalp (I use an applicator bottle and rub with my finer tips – no nails)
  2. Rinse with warm to cool water
  3. T-shirt dry, Glycerin spritz and then seal with Shea Whip

5. Deep Condition with Clay

Clay is a wonderful ingredient to gently deep condition hair. Clay can also act a cleanser. Kaolin Clay is great to for gentle washing and Rhassoul makes my hair feel strong and springy but a tad dryer feeling than the Kaolin. Honey is a key ingredient for all my mud hair masks.

What are your tips for coarse, kinky, thick hair? 

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