How To Make A Gentle Clay Mask For Hair

I just posted about Kaolin Clay so now I wanted to give you a great recipe for using it as a gentle mud masque deep conditioner. Kaolin is very gentle and hair will come out springy, defined and soft after using this recipe. This recipe includes honey which is one of my favorite ingredients for any deep conditioner. Using clay is also a great way to cleanse hair and your scalp but I like to use this on freshly shampooed hair so everything will be thoroughly cleansed.

Kaolin Mud Masque

4 TB Kaolin Clay Powder

1/4 C Hot Water

3 TB Raw Honey

Spoon the kaolin into a plastic container (Note: you should avoid metals containers as it can react to the natural compounds found in clay). Then add the hot water, the clay will dissolve quickly and have a milky consistency. Add honey and mix with your fingers or a wooden spoon. Apply in sections and apply to ends, scalp and everywhere in between. Cover hair with shower cap and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with water and finish with Aloe Vera Juice. Apply your favorite butters and oils. Photo: One Green GenerationServing: 1

How do you use Kaolin Clay?


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