9 Layers of Science Fun for Natural Kids

I love science experiments for parents and kids to do together! They are so much fun and  everyone can learn something really interesting.

The project is called the “Density Tower” and it’s a cool way to teach children the density of different liquids in a really cool looking way. The fun spin you can put on this is you could use products you use on their hair! The project uses the following list but I added alternative suggestions that are products that are great in hair.

Honey ✓b1bcc38d9304212a9fbcc052f8cf7b84878c318b
Corn syrup → Glycerin
Maple syrup → Castor Oil
Milk → Coconut Milk
Dish soap → Shampoo
Water ✓
Vegetable oil → Coconut Oil
Rubbing alcohol → Apple Cider Vinegar
Lamp oil → Jojoba Oil

Keep in mind the order may turn out different. Oh, and you might want to use a tall skinny glass so you won’t use too much of your products because once you mix them they aren’t usable and that stuff isn’t cheap! You can find the full project details here.

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