Aloe Vera Juice

via Fitsugar

What is it? Aloe Vera Juice (AVJ) comes from a aloe vera plant that is a succulent plant species.

Where do I buy it? Trader Joe’s has a great deal of a gallon for around $5. You can also purchase on Amazon but it is more expensive but has many popular brands.

When should I use it? You can use aloe vera juice as a moisturizer. It must be kept refrigerated if recipes with are made in big batches but I have personally found if mixed with water, kept in cool area and in container it can hold fine for a week.

How do I use it? It’s is best to mix it with water or other liquids or butters. In can also be mixed with oils in low quantities to prevent lost of separation. It also works well when mixed with a humectant like glycerine or honey.

Why use it? it is a nourishing moisturizer that mixes well with other natural products.

 What have your experiences been with aloe vera juice?resources: Wikipedia, BGLH

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