Healthy Tip: Drink More Water – Use a Water Bootle

51JeRJg9CIL._SL1200_via Amazon

Staying hydrated is the number one thing to have healthy and happy hair (and body)! Make sure you encourage your kids to drink water every day and don’t forget about yourself. I have a hard time remembering to drink enough water each day so I bought a 32 ounce Camelback Eddy Bottle that I keep refrigerated. I try to drink at least 2-3 bottles a day on top of always ordering water at restaurants when I go out. Remember life is about moderation so don’t go over board; there is such a thing as water poisoning. If you are living a fairly active lifestyle drinking  over 64 ounces a water a day is a far cry from over board.

Here’s my quick review of this bottle:

Pros: easy access with straw, the straw has slit that stays sealed unless bitten on and the straw can be pushed back. Light weight and has a a nice handle. 100% BPA-free.

Con: dripping occasionally happens if straw mechanism is pinched. When the straw is pushed down it is difficult to pull back up – I just keep it up.

Recommended? Yes!

How do you stay hydrated?

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