How Often Should I Wash My Child’s Hair?

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This can be a tough question to answer even for ourselves but there are several factors you should take into consideration when deciding how often you will wash your child’s hair:


  • Are they very active and outside all the time?
  • Do you live in a urban environment with lots of car fumes?
  • Do you live in a dusty environment?



  • Is there hair thick? Do they have tight curls, coils or kinks? Watch for foreign objects like lent and/or dust getting in their hair.


  • Are they prone to dry scalp? This may be a sign that you need to wash less
  • Is there scalp itchy? This may be a sign that it needs to be washed more often


  • Many shampoos can be very stripping on natural hair so evaluate your products and know what they do to your child’s hair.
  • Also, be aware of product buildup and try to avoid it.


Lastly, you can always do a good rinse with water and gentle massaging. This can be done daily on any sort of texture hair with little negative effect  other than “messing” up a style. Just remember to moisture after any sort of washing. Routines are nice but life comes first!

How do you decide how often to wash your child’s hair?

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