Beware: Shea Butter Impostors


When I started really investing in my hair this year (more about that on tumblr) I decided I wanted to use 99% (if not 100%) natural products. So I researched and discovered Shea butter  was very popular and beneficial for natural hair.

I quickly discovered something call “Gold Shea Butter” and soon after found the truth that Shea butter is NOT gold/dark yellow; it is white or ivory colored. If a vendor is selling “Gold Shea Butter” it is either Kpangnan (a different butter) or it is dyed which could potentially effect the quality of the Shea. I discovered this by watching this video.

Sadly this means that many people are being duped by some Amazon sellers. I think what’s ultimately happening is similar to how people in America think a Yam and a Sweet Potato are the same (they aren’t) but with shady implications as I think Kpangnan is cheaper to obtain but is being marked with Shea Butter prices. I even think that the photo above may be of Kpangnan but has been continually labeled as Shea butter. I believe this is a more accurate depiction of Shea butter:

actual Shea nuts…notice they are not a dark yellow

Does anyone else have more information on Shea butter impostors?

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