Survey says?….Feedback!

Feedback is one of the most important things to get improve hair time. When I hear the word feedback the first thing that comes to mind is customer service. It may seem funny to think as your child as your customer especially since they aren’t paying you with money but what they will compensate you with for good customer service is hugs, loves and confidence. All those things are far more valuable than any dollar amount, wouldn’t you agree!

Below are couple tips on how to get feedback from your little one:

Focus on the experience

Ask questions during the process. Ask how they feel about the experience:

  • Are you comfortable?
  • Does that hurt?
  • Are you feeling good?

Let them advise

Letting them advise you especially when they are being fussy and not enjoying themselves is a great way to get feedback and getting them engaged. Ask them if they think you should do something different and what they think it could be.

Of course they may not know and/or give some really funny advice but what’s important is that you are asking and they feel listened too. By doing this you are allowing them to take ownership of their hair which will help them to smoothly transition (when the time is right) to independently do their hair.

Wrap up survey (**freebie**)

Ask them about their overall impression of their hair time session. You can do this verbally or if they are a bit older (5 and up) you can have them fill out a short comment card – here’s a FREE Hair Time Comment Card print out you can share with them. Have them circle how they feel and ask them why. This card focuses on improving so instead of allowing them to say it was “bad” it gives them the opportunity to talk about why it needs to be better. The big space on the right can be used for more comments, a picture or just a place for them to practice writing their name!

Reward them for their feedback

When I hear customer service I also think of restaurants first. When you give restaurants constructive feedback they will often times reward you with a gift card and you do something similar with your child. Their feedback many not be constructive at first (remember they’re still learning how to communicate and about their hair) but if they were engaged and patient they definitely deserve a treat. A snack, toy family  outing are all great rewards.

How do you get feedback from your kid(s)?

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