Gamify Hair Time

image via La Taberna Del Analsis

Did you play video games as a kid? I sure did! I remember spending hours smashing the “A” button, solving elaborate puzzles, avoiding, bottomless pits but what I remember most of all is reading “Game Over” when I finished the game. I would feel a mixture of joy that I finished the challenge, relief that I didn’t have to play it anymore and then a hint of wistfulness for the beginning. That is EXACTLY what hair time should conjure up for you youngster. So here are some tips on how to gamify your hair time. Your little one will be glad they played but happy they finished:

  • Call out stages “Okay, now we’re starting the Detangle Level”
  • Give status updates “We’re almost done with this section only two left!”
  • Pause when needed “Woo, that was a tough round one. How about a quick treat break!?”
  • Check your equipment “Hey, what are we using today?”
  • Keep cool during boss fights “Let’s keep chill, we’re doing so good!”
  • Celebrate game over  “WHOOPIE, all done!! You look wonderful, kiddo!” (consider shouting the same word every time you finish as a trigger and high fives abound)

How do you make hair time a game?

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